Who Is Eric Ton!

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Eric Ton is a resilient, determined business owner and digital marketer for the past 20 years. Born in Vietnam, Eric encountered adversity from a young age, coming from a country of poverty. He arrived in the United States at 10 with no knowledge of English. Despite the daunting language barrier, Eric tries his hardest to learn the language.
Fuelled by a desire to build a better life, Eric went into entrepreneurship, navigating industries with the same grit that propelled his language acquisition. His ventures flourished, because of many businesses he started. Learning from what to do to not what to do. His first taste of business was web hosting where he acquired over 1000 clients in 2005. After learning that skill, he ventured into doing marketing for businesses which he was very successful at. After learning and finding out the strategies of marketing for businesses he started to import products from overseas and sold E-commerce to eventually becoming an 8 figure seller.
Beyond his traditional business ventures, Eric is also a savvy investor in real estate and the stock market. With a keen eye for lucrative opportunities and a strategic approach to investment, he has built a robust portfolio that continues to yield impressive returns.
Despite his remarkable achievements, Eric remains grounded and committed to continuous learning and growth. He approaches every challenge with resilience and tenacity, viewing setbacks as opportunities for innovation and improvement.
Balancing business demands with familial responsibilities, Eric excelled as a father, instilling in his children values of perseverance and ambition. His commitment to family values was unwavering, creating a legacy of success and integrity.
Eric ventured into investment, leveraging his keen business sense to expand his financial horizons. His success as a savvy investor further solidified his reputation as a multifaceted entrepreneur. Transitioning into a sought-after business consultant, Eric shared his wealth of experience with aspiring entrepreneurs, guiding them through challenges with insight and different strategies…

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